Consultant & Garden Coach

With over a decade in the business, Hill's Edible Landscapes is dedicated to making this small little portion of our world a better place by helping Spokane residents grow their own delicious, beautiful & sustainable Edible Landscapes and Gardens.


Pruning & Orchard Maintenance Coaching
This is the perfect time of year to prune your fruit trees! One of my specialties is teaching home orchardists how to prune & organically maintain their own fruit trees and berries for optimum health and fruit production.

My prices are very reasonable and will save you a fortune compared to hiring a company to do it for you. Fruit tree pruning is different than regular old pruning and it's a lot of fun once you are comfortable with what you're doing. Did I mention it's a great excuse to get outside after a long winter of hibernation!? Well, it is!

Last season I helped a client prune his 4 old apple trees. He called me over the weekend to tell me that he had his best apple crop ever... and he's had the trees for 20+ years! I was pretty excited to hear that I'm really making a difference in the local food movement!

Garden Planning & Coaching
Years spent farming and gardening have left me with a wealth of knowledge for gardening in our area. Whether you need simple advice about which organic fertilizers would be best or where to plant your garden on you property, or if you need a full garden layout I can help.

Edible Landscape Consulting
Growing a yard full of beautiful, nutritious edible plants is a great way to bring the local food movement right to your own front, or back yard! Many people will notice how wonderful your yard looks but I'll bet they wont know that it's edible! There is a lot to consider when making such an investment and I can give you the confidence and skills to get you started!

Fruit Tree Grafting
Learn how to graft your favorite varieties of fruit trees for a fraction of the cost of buying from a nursery. My hands on coaching will walk you though the proper use of tools and the steps it takes for a successful graft. My clients have said that they're most proud of the fruit trees that they've grafted and love to show them off!

P.S. I have some great fruit trees on my property and will supply you with grafting materials while my supply lasts!

About hilary

When I was young I spent a lot of time in my grandparents gardens, I'm sure I was very helpful ;) As I got older I spent less time with my grandparents so gardening sort of slipped off my radar. I grew up a bit and went to college for Architecture but wound up interning with SPVV Landscape Architects, I was fortunate to spend 9 years with them, I learned a lot about Irrigation and Landscape in general but something was missing, I didn't feel like I was making much of a difference in ways that were important to me, the crew there became my family and it was terribly hard to leave but I decided to head back to school for teaching.

Somewhere in that first year back in college I watched a video about school gardens, being reminded of my grandparents gardens I immediately knew the impact of kids being in the garden and I was hooked. I started applying for farming internships so that I could learn what I knew I wanted to teach. I ended up interning at a really neat organic farm in Sandpoint, Idaho called Greentree Naturals, that internship didn't run the whole summer so I finished off the season working at another cool little organic farm in Spokane called Urban Eden.

Very randomly as I was finishing up that summer on the farms, I was offered a job at a design/build landscape company who were known for their great designs, they specialized in high end residential landscaping and there were hopes of bringing edible landscaping to their service list and I took the job, unfortunately it never went past a raised bed here or there. I spent 3+ years there all the while taking various classes and workshops through the county extension and SCC for pruning and various edible plant care. I learned a TON during that spell but realized that I still wasn't passionate about what I was doing and still not making a difference in ways that I had hoped for, so Hill's Edible Landscapes was born!

Since the start up I've been coaching people through design, planting and managing their gardens and edible landscapes, as well as maintaining and pruning their fruit trees, I've done a lot of pruning and garden installation in the past, unfortunately I developed overuse injury's in my hands/wrist/arms so I'm taking the 'doing' part out of the business and focusing on design, teaching and training.

I am very passionate about our community as well:
I started and run the 'Audubon-Downriver Crop Swap Stand' which has really brought my neighborhood gardeners together. I am a master composter/recycler and volunteer throughout the city teaching the community about composting and recycling. I spend a fair bit of time at local schools helping with various degrees of gardening and garden planning. I volunteering some of my design time with River City Youth Ops, the program helps teach local teens job skills and helps them to improve their lives and neighborhoods through gardening and other ventures.


Contact information

3407 W. Providence Ave.
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